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Upholstery Cleaning Puyallup

Upholstery Cleaning Puyallup

Before you make any rash decisions about your furniture consider having us come out and take care of your upholstery cleaning! Sometimes all your furniture needs is a good cleaning to breath new life into your home.

At Carpet Cleaning Puyallup we offer excellent upholstery cleaning services using a tried and true method that does not leave harmful chemical residue behind. We offer organic cleaning methods that will get your furniture looking as good as new WITHOUT leaving those nasty chemical trails that other cleaning companies leave behind.


Fast And Easy

We offer a quick easy way to spruce up your furniture. You do not have to discard that old stained up sofa all you have to do is give us a call so we can come and get it sparkling clean for you. Remember how much you loved that old chair before it became the old dirty chair?

You can fall back in love with your furniture with a fast and easy upholstery cleaning from Carpet Cleaning Puyallup! A quick cleaning done by a professional service will help you to love your furniture again.


Cost Savings

New furniture is expensive! Why buy new when you have great furniture that just needs a little touch up to return it to its former glory? Cleaning your upholstery is SO much more cost effective than buying new not to mention how nice it is for the environment that you decided to reuse your old furniture and just get it cleaned up!


Protect Your Investment

Maybe your furniture is not that old! Maybe it is in pretty great shape still. If you want it to stay in great shape regular upholstery cleaning can help you make that a reality. Think of it this way; how many times a day do you sit on your couch or other furniture? Times that by the number of people that use that furniture, than times it by the number of days in the week and than by the number of weeks in a month.

It is a bit mind boggling when you consider the amount of use your upholstered furniture gets.  It is a good time to consider having it professionally cleaned to help to protect it from all the use that it gets.

With regular cleanings you can easily extend the life of all your upholstered furniture and keeping it looking and feeling new!


Good Health Practices

Not only is it essential to keep your upholstery clean for aesthetic purposes but it is also important for health purposes. Germs can easily hang around on your furniture waiting for the next host. Frequent cleaning can help you to insure that your furniture is not going to make you sick.

No matter how careful you are with your furniture you still need to have it cleaned regularly.

BEFORE you decide that you just can not look at that couch for one more minute let us come out and clean it up for you! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Call today! (253) 501-6999.


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