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When you want the carpets cleaned in your home you do not want to have to deal with chemical residue that can cause damage to your carpets over time. As a matter of fact when you have your carpets cleaned and chemicals are involved you are actually providing your carpets with a way to get dirty quicker!

It may sound crazy bu it is true. Carpet cleaning done with chemicals (which we all know are bad for your family and your pets) is also bad for your carpets!

Why would you risk your good health, that health of your animals AND causing damage to your carpets  when you do not have to?


Keep It Healthy

Organic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning keeps your indoor environment safe from dangerous chemicals. You can roll around your carpet with your kids and pets free of worry when you make the choice to call Carpet Cleaning Puyallup WA at 253-501-6999!

We understand that your health and the health of your family and pets always should come first so we use organic methods that are just as if not more effective then chemical cleaners.  Keeping your home healthy is our top priority.


Proven System

Our organic carpet cleaning is a proven system that will get your carpets in as good as new shape! We use the latest technology in carpet cleaning to get your carpet, rugs and upholstery in tip top shape. It will look clean, smell clean and be truly clean without any harmful chemical residue left behind.


Our Goals

At Carpet Cleaning Puyallup WA we have a couple of goals in mind that are based on sincere honest business practices:

  • Educate people about carpet care and maintenance
  • Provide professional courteous services.
  • Do our part for the environment
  • Deliver the best cleaning processes possible
  • Keep it all affordable


We want to educate people about the benefits of using our services and the proper carpet, rug and upholstery care. It is a simple goal that we easily fulfill as part of each service call!  We treat people the way we want to be treated. Sure it is an old fashioned approach but it is still one of the best business practices there are to treat people as you would want to be treated!  Providing courteous professional service is just the way we do business. We provide carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning services that are good for the environment. We take our responsibility to the environment seriously.


We always offer the best cleaning process for your personal needs. We understand carpet, rug and upholstery like no one else. We utilize the best cleaning process available for your particular needs.

Of course as part of our goals we want you to be comfortable with the cost so we do our best to make our organic carpet cleaning affordable.

Call us today so that you can get your carpets really clean without any harmful residue and return them to like new condition! We are here to help you!

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